Pakistan’s IT Boom of the last five years or so has led to an increase in remote employment and must be encouraged. The rise in online jobs and companies that provide services to different areas has shown that the internet has provided a whole new economic sector that needs to be facilitated and encouraged for the betterment of the country and its people.

The Vast Potential of the Boom

This internet boom has created an incredibly high level of accessibility for Pakistan and the world at large. With the click of a button, people can explore possibilities which they could never imagine before. The internet has caused companies and customers to be in touch with each other across immense distances, a phenomenon that was not present since a few years ago. This amount of outreach is an excellent asset for these companies and they should utilize it fully.

With the improvement of technology, a number of conveniences are available to both companies and jobseekers. With simple online interviews and the emailing of resumes, the job application process can be quite streamlined. This has created opportunities for people in small towns to be employed in proper corporations and earn their living. Companies like Tec juice let people from all over the country work from their own homes, whatever their location, as long as they have internet access. This increase in remote employment bodes quite well for Pakistan’s economy.

Another encouraging development that this internet boom has is the success of innovative start-ups. These companies start from a very small scale and end up having national and even international presence. is a prime example of such a company as it started from one room in Lahore and now has offices in over 30 cities. These kinds of companies create quite a large number of jobs in these areas, and are excellent for Pakistan’s economy.

Another positive impact of the internet age for Pakistan is the presence of international companies such as Uber and Food panda in the market. These companies allow Pakistan global representation and inject investment into the country. It is beneficial for Pakistan to accommodate such companies to improve its own global and economic presence.

A major change caused by the presence of IT in all sectors is the convenience it has brought. Relatively lower investment is needed to start a new venture, as can be seen by the numerous start-ups such as Travly and Finja. Because they do not require extensive staff and buildings, the overhead costs of such companies are quite low. This means that more people have a good chance at starting a new, successful business than before. If provided proper facilities and not burdened by red tape and taxes, these companies can greatly improve the economy of Pakistan.

Facilitating the Boom

For these companies to prosper and help the country’s economy, they should be facilitated as much as possible. Initiatives such asPlan9 should occur on a large scale so that Pakistan advances technologically and economically. Red tape and taxes on such companies should be kept low so that more entrepreneurs are encouraged to set up their own companies and present their own innovative ideas.

An aspect that greatly needs to be improved to facilitate this trend and make it successful is the presence of reliable, high speed internet. Infrastructure should be put in place all over the country to increase accessibility. Telecom companies are already working on this by building signal towers in remote areas as well, and this should be continued. Faster broadband should also be made available and both the public and private sector need to work on these factors.

All of these measures shall greatly benefit the people of Pakistan and its economy as a whole as these new companies resulting from the IT boom have given rise to a whole new system. This has added to Pakistan’s economy and increased investment and employment opportunities in the country.

In conclusion, The IT sector has provided extensive opportunities for employment in multiple places in Pakistan, including remote areas. This trend should be facilitated with the due infrastructure and measures to the benefit of the companies as well as the economy of Pakistan.

Author of this article Shanzay Asim is a writer based in Lahore. She has an avid interest in social issues and uses the written word to tell her stories.