Pakistan Engineering Congress (PEC) to mark World Environment Protection Day has organized a seminar in which the speakers said that Industrial revolution, deforestation, use of oils, coal and natural gas have a serious influence on global warming. The speakers warned that people in Pakistan should worry more about catastrophic climate change than terrorism.

Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain the PEC President while speaking in seminar pleaded to Pakistan government this year on an environmental day let tenant visit national parks free of cost so that they can have a chance to live and feel the happiness for nature in parks and wilderness areas that our country inherited. Different countries in the world practice leave or lower the entry tickets to their national parks on 5 June World Environment Protection Day. Canada follows this practice on environment protection day.

He pertained that problems in Pakistan like droughts, flooding, the rise in sea levels, food security issue all are because of the global increase in temperature i.e., global warming. To solve this global issue, there are some moderations in which the most important is to focus on renewable energy resources such as the use of biomass, solar power, geothermal energy, hydropower, wind energy. We should fulfill our energy requirements from reusable sources than the non-renewable. The government should step forward take interest in alarming climate change issue and look up to procedures like carbon capturing and storage. The technique of carbon capturing and storage is an efficient method from centuries. There are methods like pre and post combustion capturing and storage. Carbon after capturing is liquefied and stored. The storage site is another critical step, choice of a storage site should be carefully selected. Pakistan is in need to introduce these processes in order to decrease carbon emission from industries.

Hussain added that advancement in scientific research and increasing environmental problems are helpful in understanding and figuring out many ways to save our natural system for our own wellbeing and prosperity. He added that every year a theme is decided for World Environment Day keeping in view issues that are affecting the lives of the people and their surroundings.