Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) has transformed Old Science Caravan Trucks into colorful and well-equipped ‘Mobile Science Talent Farming Labs’ under Science Talent Farming project.

PSF designed a Mobile Science Exhibition that they called a Science Caravan. The purpose of this caravan is to motivate young generation and aware them about science. It holds scientific films and write ups. It also has working scientific models and star lab planetarium. Exhibitions are organized in different schools and colleges and along with students, the general public can also take help and assistance. About nine Caravans are operational so far including two in each province and one in Federal. These Caravans are even in far-flung rural areas to benefit them.

Star lab Planetarium has models and films about the solar system, galaxies, constellation, and astronomy. Students can find this planetarium part more informative.  Working models for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Information Technology can also be informative as they are having photographs and write-ups on science. The basic idea behind this is to develop the interest of students in science and technology and cultivating the idea in their minds that they can solve their everyday problems using science and technology.

The renovated labs under Science Talent Farming project are furnished for the accommodation of 15-20 students and air-conditioned using solar energy. They equipped with computers, smart boards for interactive learning of every student. Options for displaying scientific models and gadgets is also available in the lab. Students can get all facilities in this mobile lab. PSF Mobile Science lab has experimental kits to perform curriculum related practical work for the students.