To meet the developing needs of advances in examining and maintainable improvement in the field of environment, Ministry of Climate Change has propelled a venture of Establishment of Geomatics Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Development, an official source said.

She said Modern technologies, such as Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) allows for rapid documentation of the state of the environment in all its manifestations and is easily accessible for deciding patterns on spatial and temporal scales and for taking proper policy measures at all levels.

She said promotion of application of (GIS), Spatial Reference System (SRS) and Global Positioning System (GPA) technologies for assessment of existing situation of forest, desertification, soil, climate, environmental pollution, marine life, coastal areas, snow and glacier, – disasters, hazards, biodiversity, water resources, ecological zones.

Better help for ecological arranging in the nation, especially for judicious and logical basic leadership through evaluation of the natural effect of various human exercises is making them perfectly with the goals of supportable improvement, she included.

The arrangement of a phase furnished with most recent data/information, advanced and spatial library to national, common and neighborhood government establishments for encircling calamity administration systems and early warning components.

Many projects have been carried out which includes capacity building, provision of clean drinking water, environmental management, biodiversity, air pollution control and waste management and so on.