It isn’t common to see traditional Pakistani transport in Japan while it’s extremely common to see Japanese cars in Pakistan. A Pakistani company is exporting three-wheeler rickshaws to Japan in a new venture to explore the Japanese market.

Sazgar Engineering is a private manufacturer of 4 stroke CNG Auto Rickshaws and Automotive. It has been exporting rickshaws to Japan for years now and has received quite a positive response. Even though Japan’s own automobile industry is thriving, these colorful three-wheeler rickshaws don’t fail to surprise the Japanese people who are used for fun and leisure. They can be frequently seen taking pictures with rickshaws and using them for short, leisurely rides.

Pakistan’s colorful truck and vehicle art is famous all over the world. This is primarily what sparks the interest of the Japanese people who love to ride these rickshaws.

Japanese are extremely particular about road safety so these rickshaws are much better quality than those found in Pakistan. They must comply with the Japanese road authority regulations in order to be allowed on the highways.

The company says the rickshaws are supposed to cruise at 50km/hour in compliance with the road safety laws and rules.

The Japanese have made use of these rickshaws to travel short distances. There is a major market to explore and exploit. These small and colorful vehicles can easily be used to commute in the small streets of the country. If done correctly, this is a business that could flourish.