Cooking is arguably one of the most demanding skills and it requires quite a time to master it. Men and women from culinary professions and households are on a lookout nowadays so they can get their hands on the latest and most delicious cooking recipes but it has been quite a daunting task.

Most of the recipes were kept secret by people and without the proper knowledge, it was difficult to get them right. However, this problem was partially solved by the advent of cooking shows on TV. Nevertheless, these shows were aired on specific timings and not everybody could manage their time for that, if the TV was turned off or the channel was changed, a significant part of the program was lost and the lost information could not be reached.

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Fast forward to the time of internet and this is no longer a problem, now everyone can have access to cooking and food websites from the comfort of their homes and easily get their hands on the recipe of their choice. We have compiled a list of five such food websites which have made cooking easy in Pakistan.

  1. is one of Pakistan’s biggest online food portals and can be called the treasure trove for foodies of the country. Offering cooking recipes in English and Urdu for Asian, Indian and Pakistani cuisine, kfoods lets it users discover a wide range of recipes from spicy biryani to creamy desserts. The food recipes are displayed with good quality pictures, detailed ingredients, and cooking methods. Apart from this, the website also provides its users with beauty tips and health tips from famous dietitians and nutritionists along with daily grocery rates and restaurant deals etc.

  1. looks more like a blog than a culinary website but it does have an extensive section for recipes. The best thing about is that its recipes are divided into folders according to their respective chefs. Users can thus easily locate their favorite recipe from their desired chef and save a lot of time. The website has a wide range of food recipes ranging from Desi to continental recipes.


If you look up a Pakistani recipe in Urdu on Google, would always be in the top ten results. is one of the most highly recommended food websites especially if you are looking for quality material and easy to understand the content. The site has a wide variety of recipes from continental to traditional Pakistani recipes.  One of the aspects that make unique in its own way is its two-minute step by step video guide which covers each and every detail of the recipe and guides users to perfection. Sooperchef  also has a free app for iOS and Android.

  1. is also a vast food portal which is not solely dedicated to desi food. On this website, you can find all sorts of internationally famous food recipes from kale chips to homemade pasta and roast turkey. has a high definition, step by step picture guide which allows its users to deal with the recipe quite easily and it also has its own application for Android.


And at last but not the least, is a food website which covers more than just desi and traditional food. From Mongolian style beef to good old fashioned pancakes, this website has all sorts of internationally admired recipes. Among all the western style recipes, contributes a section solely to desi cuisine for all the popular Pakistani, Indian and Asian cuisines. With high definition pictures to detailed recipes and cooking methods, this website has it all.

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