It is a bitter fact that a considerable number of schools mostly in the southern Punjab is either does not have electricity or is inadequately electrified due to their distant location in the rural areas from each other due to electric wires not passing through nearby to these schools. Electric wires given under a specified system by WAPDA and diversion to cover distantly found schools are avoided because of which the schools mostly still be without electricity.

It is good that the Punjab government has decided to use the solar energy technology for brightening of a large number of schools preferably in the rural areas of southern Punjab under the innovative Khadam-e-Punjab Ujala Programme which will launch on a priority basis at a cost of billions of rupees with the approval of Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif.

Schools without or inadequate electricity will soon be with solar panels to brighten up these and resultantly lakhs of students including girls and teachers will take benefit from this novel and unique project in the history of Pakistan. A considerable number (about twenty thousand) of girls’ and boys’ schools will be given solar panels where electricity is not available, under the Ujala Programme. The provision of solar panels, as quite rightly said by CM, will greatly help in improving educational environment and this huge investment of billions of rupees for educating youth is quite purposeful and beneficial investment, a revolutionary step for the promotion of education in the province by provincial govt.

The survey for finding the schools which are supposed to be offered with solar panels will be completed at the earliest possible. This is going to be quite useful, innovative, and productive use of solar energy technology and the students will be able to study in the better, brightened environment.