The speakers at a seminar organized by Pakistan Engineering Congress (PEC) to mark World Environment Protection Day said that Industrial revolution, intensive farming, land clearing and use of non-renewable resources such as natural gas, oil, and coal have caused an abrupt rise in temperature globally. People feel less threat by the phenomenon of terrorism than to the devastating effects of climate change speakers at a seminar expressed views.

PEC President Engineer Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain appealed to the government to allow free entry to all citizens to the national parks of Pakistan. Addressing the seminar, he said this year’s World Environment Day is an ideal occasion to go out and enjoy your country’s national parks and other wilderness areas. Park authorities may follow in some countries like Canada waive or reduce park entry fees on Environment Protection Day or for a longer period.

Hussain said that every year the theme is of World Environment Day is carefully selected to cover various aspects of environmental issues like facing the humanity, affecting the lives of the people and the surroundings of their habitats. He said, “In recent decade scientific advances, as well as growing environmental problems such as global warming, are helping us to understand the countless ways in which natural systems support our own prosperity and well-being.”

He pointed out that this global rise in temperature is also causing many problems in Pakistan. “There are certain mitigations to overcome this issue, most important we have to reduce our use of fossil fuel and try to fulfill our energy needs by non-renewable resources such as solar power, geothermal energy, wind energy, hydropower and using biomass,” he added.  “Not only this, our government should take a deep interest in the issues regarding this and should also give a bird’s eye view on the technique of carbon capturing and storage. This is virtually one of the efficient methods for the capturing and storage of carbon for countless decades. There are several methods for it, such as post-combustion capturing, pre-combustion and oxyfuel capturing. Carbon after capturing is liquefied and stored at a particular site. The site for the storage of carbon should be properly selected. Pakistan should introduce these methods to reduce the problems regarding the emission of carbon dioxide from industries.” he added.