Qamar Zaman Chaudhary, NAB Chairman, has said the NAB established its own Forensic Science Lab with an aim to equip NAB with the latest technology to cater for its emerging needs to eliminate the menace of corruption from the society. He said NAB’s Forensic Science Lab has the facilities of digital forensics, fingerprint forensics and questioned documents

He told that a concept of combined Investigation Team (CIT) has introduced as investigation officers and prosecution officer was now working as a team to ensure transparency and merit in the conduct of investigations.

He furthered asserted that NAB has proved that struggle against corruption was our top priority. NAB using all its resources to come forward with the expectations of the nation as we considered eradication of corruption as our national duty.

Forensic Science Lab helps in retrieving documents from electronic devices like Cell Phones, Computers, iPads and networks and preservation to determine authorship of questioned handwriting, identity questioned typescripts and printed documents to detect forgeries in questioned documents to determine interpolation, additions or overwriting and substitution of papers, and to work on fingerprints for comparison or identification purposes.