World Oceans Day was officially marked by the United Nations General Assembly in 2008 to be celebrated worldwide on 8th of June annually to resolve the ocean issues and save ocean water. Oceans are the vital part of the biosphere and essential element for the food security and life survival on the earth. Saving our ocean is the key responsibility of each and every person surviving on the earth. Wonder if you know that 3/4th part of our whole earth is only water and we have to keep our earth water and marine lives safe from the danger of global warming? World Oceans Day has been celebrated globally every year as a broad initiative aiming to save the equilibrium of water and lives on the earth.


On the celebration of the world oceans day, the variety of ways were highlighted involving the society to save oceans worldwide. It brings an opportunity to understand all the challenges come in the way of regulating the global climate to maintain the proper ecosystem and livelihoods of human beings. The day is celebrated to save the ocean from the criminal activities such as illegal drugs smuggling, draining instruments, human trafficking and threatening activities spoiling the oceans peace and security. To motivate people to learn about the importance of ocean, creatures and their role in maintaining the ecosystem cycle.

World Oceans Day Activities

Some of the organized events are arranging information booths, specimen collection, beach clean-up with friends and family, related posters distribution of ocean day, T- Shirts among youths, painting, discussion, sea marine mammals, conservation and protection activities, fossil walk and etc. Oceans are an essential part of life on earth and very necessary to maintain the ecosystem balance. The ocean is the key part of the biosphere and most important source health food and medicine. World Ocean Day provides an opportunity to all celebrate at one place, the natural climate, weather, food and oxygen balance with a lot of economic and environmental benefits. Save your ocean by preventing it from pouring any chemical, garbage or other waste product into it, lessen the use of fertilizer and pesticides, use an alternate method of pest control and the proper system of disposal of all the household hazards waste. Overall theme of World Oceans Day 2017, Our Oceans, Our Future.

Author: Syeda Sadia Sagheer – Manager Coordination Technology Times