Right steps needed to tackle negative impacts of climate change.
Global warming is causing negative impacts on environment. Adverse impacts of global warming are on glaciers, river flows, underground water recharge systems, agriculture and overall biodiversity in in Pakistan which require some drastic measures to cope this situation.
There is a serious need for farmers to adopt irrigation systems with high efficiency methods and techniques on farm, which also require strategy interventions via concerned departments including Pakistan Agricultural and Research Council.
“We need to take corrective measures and work hard in collaboration with relevant government and non-governmental organisations on fast-track basis for beating out alleviation and adaptation plans to tackle the negative impacts of the climate change on different sectors of economy, particularly irrigated and rain-fed agriculture, which is mainstay of national economy,” it said.
(MoU)already signed between the GCISC and the Italian organization EvK2CNR to facilitate implementation and coordination of research activities in Pakistan and collaborating in carrying out studies on climate change and identification of appropriate adaptation measures. It is reported that the mountain ecosystems are more vulnerable to unfolding climate change impacts, which have expedited the pace of glacial melt, disturbed rainfall pattern and affected the livelihood of millions of those living in mountain areas and down the stream.