LAHORE: 24-05-2017 In continuation of initial memorandum of understanding dated 18-04-2017, between the CAPEC and PEC. PEC Chairman ENGR. JAWED SALIM QURESHI and CAPEC Secretary General JIANG HUA signed the MOU on behalf of their organizations. A Memorandum of Understanding is to strengthen exchange and corporation between the CAPEC and PEC, So as to benefit both signatories and others members.

Chairman PEC said that purpose of MoU include planning and implementation of joint applied research projects and activities, raising public awareness about designs manufacturing and users, as well as urban planning’s, construction built environment.

Signatories will set up a cooperative engineering platform named as China-Pakistan Engineering Forum (CPEC) to play an important contributor to the building of the China-Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC).

CAPEC will help PEC members to establish business in mainland of China and PEC will help CAPEC members to establish business in Pakistan. To improve the collaboration between the companies of both countries, Engineers exchange programs among the member companies shall be promoted.

Signatories can jointly organize events or send delegations to each other’s events when mutual interest of member companies exist, and recommend relevant experts/speakers. Signatories will pay each other business visits at proper time and enhance cooperative ties and relations.

To guarantee smooth and efficient communication, signatories will appoint focal persons. The focal person from CAPEC side is Mr. Zhang Ruijie, Deputy Secretary-General, and the focal person from PEC side is Mr. Arif Inam Osmani Director PEC.

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