TALKING ABOUT painting using the computer is most common these days, several digital art and design software are available for assistance. The most important matter is; how do humans understand and interpret art? How does art created? What is an artistic style which conveys its meaning and intent, and affects the users aesthetic experience when interacting with that artwork?

Amber Munir is a Lahore based Artist and Calligrapher, her formal qualification is MA, MS in Fine Arts (Painting), and her research is about the Islamic Calligraphic scripts and most significantly the Archaic Kufic script and its forms.

Ambers most prolific work is the effort to combine Kufic script with the Printed Circuit Board (PCB); a device that connects different electronic components used in every kind of electronics. She merged PCB designs with the Kufic scripts and her experimentation resulted in some sort of distinctive Kufic forms and textual shapes. By joining both elements she wrote some sacred verses and the names of ALLAH.

Her work is a combination of Art and Technology that group with knowledge, skills and competencies. Her oil and miniature paintings are truly inspired by PCB designs and combined with the forms of Kufic script. She found some specific PCB designs which have complete words written in these shapes and forms.

Technology is inspiring art in new, but strange ways. Artists creating their work with laser beams, heartbeat calligraphy using heartbeat data, or from data gathered on air pollution. The work of Amber is the revival of traditional Kufic form of calligraphy in technological style.

Focusing on the search for a new concept of art, and a different function for the calligraphers, Ambers work will open new vistas in terms of new modes of interdisciplinary production with its original spirit. In addition, she administrates the nature of tradition which required a field explication that distinguishes art as a set of relations in context. This movement might ultimately sow the seed for a new paradigm of the visual arts.

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