KARACHI: In pursuance of its commitment to providing state-of-the-art education and training, Pakistans premium technology institution Usman Institute of Technology organized two Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities, not only for its students and faculty, but for all professional engineers across Karachi.

All the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions were accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), and as per the implemented CPD system, 0.5 CPD points were awarded to all the registered professional engineers of PEC who participated in these two sessions.

The first session was on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) for High Speed and Re-Configurable Computing and Digital Signal Processing Applications, which was conducted by Engr. Mohammad Arsalan, MS from PNEC, NUST, Karachi, who is considered as one of the most seasoned professionals when it comes to FPGA related programming. He has conducted various workshops, seminars and short courses on FPGA Technology in different engineering universities of Karachi, and has also published and presented research papers in International Conferences. The session covered how Digital Signal Processing algorithms can be implemented in the latest Xilinx FPGA technology using Xilinx System Generator embedded with Matlab.

The second session was on Greenish Power Systems Future of Solar Power Generation in Pakistan, conducted by Engr. Mohammad Ataullah Khan, who has over 20 years of experience in Electrical Design Engineering, Electrical Sales, and Project Engineering. This session covered topics of great future importance like Solar Power system, Hybrid, Grid tie and off grid systems, Solar cells, Solar Panels, Designing the system, Installation, Testing, Maintenance, Other Green Power Systems, Wind Power and Wave energy.

UIT plans to organize several CPD activities like these in future with the help of its CPD committee under the supervision of PEB (Professional Engineering Body) coordinator Engr. Haris Zikrur Rehman, along with the help of Engr. Asad Jafri and Engr. Naveed ul Haq in managing and hosting these activities respectively.

With a belief that one of the key responsibilities of an educational institution is to provide industry professionals with opportunities to continually develop themselves and their skills, UIT looks forward to exploring new ways of mentoring the vibrant and dynamic engineering community of Pakistan.

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