C2 SEECS: HEC has selected Dr. Sharifullah Khan for BEST University Teacher Award for the year 2015. This program aims to encourage and recognize the contribution of outstanding university teachers. It also envisages to upgrade quality of research through staff development and provision of better facilities.

The objective of this project is to provide monetary as well as self-esteemed incentives to a teacher of Universities/DAIs through awards and certificate.

“This national recognition of the contributions made by them will act as catalyst for others to enhance their efforts in the fields of teaching and research. It is expected that a changed atmosphere rising as a result of this scheme will help in lifting the standards of education and research in our institutions of higher education”, said by HEC officials.

It will contribute towards the development of socio-economic conditions of the country by up grading the standards of teaching community to exert their dedicated efforts for improvement of academic atmosphere in the institutions of higher learning.

Moreover, it is envisaged to provide incentive to improve the quality and output of University Teachers and also recognize their efforts for promotion of higher education in the country.

Each year nominations for the awards are invited from the Universities and Degree awarding institutions of Pakistan on the prescribed performa. Each University sends at least two nominations for the award.

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