STAFF REPORT IBD: CSP organized the Gaming Week 2016 from 30th November to 5th December, 2016. Participants had the option to participate individually in Tekken or as a team in Call of Duty (COD). The first round took place on Day 1 and teams were pitted against each other randomly. The matches took place in several labs in SEECS and were witnessed by several spectators who had gathered there to support their friends. After the exciting results from Day 1, the playing field had been halved. The victors from Day 1 made their way to their stations, knowing that they would face a tougher test than before. Before the matches began, the respective teams took their time to discuss game strategies and calm their nerves.

It was finally time for the matches. Both COD and Tekken were taking place simultaneously in different labs. As soon as the first match started, you could sense the tension in the air; the teams knew they had to win. Each match was closely contested, showing the skills of the players. But at the end, not everyone could be victorious. Those who won leapt with joy, while those who lost knew that their tournament was over. As the day came to a close, the playing field had decreased even more, only the best remained for the next round.

The final matches were to take place on the third day. All of us were expecting a long and exciting competition between the finalists since the best of the beast were about to lock horns. However, it was extremely disappointing to find out that one of the teams which had qualified for the COD final had bent the knee. The final for Tekken still took place and a thrilling competition took place. In the end, the winners were given their cash prizes.

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