It is expected that global population will reached 9 billion in means we require more agricultural production in order to meet food demands. Otherwise we will be suffering from food security problems. Which is the biggest threat of future. So we have to increase our per unit area production. In agriculture we emphasis on yield. For increasing yield, our farm interprises requires new and innovative technologies to face and overcome these difficult challenges.

So we are using different methodologies, technologies, and different processes for higher yield per unit area. In methodological approaches we can use different simulation models, but nowadays Artificial Intelligence is also used in modern countries. Now question is that: What is Artificial intelligence??? It is a discipline of Computer Science that deals with giving Ability to the machines that it seems to behave like, that it has hu- man intelligence.

There is a lot of scope of Artificial intelligence in many fields of life like in Agriculture that it can moniters crop conditions, like water scarcity conditions, plant population in field and soil moisture content etc. Artificial intelligence is working in almost all disciplines of agriculture but, I will discuss about only few of them: In Irrigation:

That it can control irrigation water in the field we can optimize the use of water because it have automatic irrigation systems in it that take weather conditions and predicts amount of water to be applied. Non chemical weed control:

It is used in discriminating between weeds and crop seedling. It is an important step towards control of weeds by nonchemical way. For example recognization of carrot (Daucus carota) seedlings from rye grass (lolium perenne) and Fat hen ( Chenopodium album) by using digital imaging. It take data from their morphological features like measurements of leaf shape (sq.m/Area) variations depends upon the sizes. Drone technology:

Another adoption of Artificial intelligence is the use of drone technology. Drones can be used to provide detailed mapping of crops in the fields. They are also capable of delivering customized fertilizers pesticides, insecticides based upon the requirement of each crops. Conclusion:

Artificial intelligence robotics is one of these technologies that promises to provide a solution in increasing number of Formobots ( A farmer which is actually a robort) are required to fulfill our require tasks that have not been possible even with the large scale of agricultural machinery in the past. A scientist argued that the capital costs of technology can be minimized as software evolves as it happened other technologies that are now widely adopted in different industries and in our daily life. If it is possible in Pakistan it will be very beneficial to us as we have burden on us that our resources are limited than our population otherwise there will be food security problem in our country in very near future

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