FAISALABAD: Speakers at a seminar have called for setting up an independent University of

Alternative Medicines (UAM), and making separate regulating laws for Tibb-e- Unani,

Ayurvedic and Homeopathic practitioners.

It was demanded during the inaugural session of seminar on Tibb, Nature and Science organised

by the National Council for Tibb in collaboration with the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad,

at Iqbal Auditorium of the UAF on Sunday.

UAF Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan stressed upon Hakeems to ensure quality in

their services to grab the masses trust that would help dispel the misperception regarding their

malpractice. He said that both doctors and Hakeems need to complement each other, adding that

flora and fana were the basics of their practice.

The VC said that India had institutionalised Hakeems so the same initiative needs to be

replicated in Pakistan to eliminate any malpractice in this field. He said that the Center for

Advanced Studies in Agriculture and Food Security had included one health programme in its

agenda that would help upscale the idea of prevention was better than cure among the masses.

He told that out of four winners of Global One Health Competition, three were from the UAF.

He urged the Hakeems to come up with durable solutions of the newborn diseases. The VC said

that though Hakeems had made the treatment affordable for the people but they need to make it

risk-free as it would more satisfy the people. He urged the family Hakeems and experienced

practitioners to spread their knowledge and skills to the younger followers.

Dr Zabta Khan Shevari, Pakistan Council for Tibb president, said that there vision was to

recognise worlds truthful, ethical and effective components for a healthy environment with

people having healthy life. He urged the Hakeems to serve humanity with color blind

commitment. Dr Zabta said that due to anti-biotic and E-coli reaction, thousands of people had

lost their lives.

He was of the view that Hakeems could take steps to make this field wider and important as 1.8

billion people were under the age of 25 years and they need to be made part of development by

equipping them with all skills and knowledge.

He stressed that the origin of Pakistans physical diversity potential was need to serve the world

in multiple unique ways. He said that in Pakistan one doctor was taking care of 2,500 people that

ratio must be narrow downed by adding more doctors in the sector. Hakeem Zahid Ashraf,

Hakeem Habibullah Cheema, Hakeem Anwar Khan Lodhi, Prof Hakeem Hafiz Muhammad

Younis, Hakeem Muhammad Ahmad Saleemi and others also spoke.

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