ISLAMABAD: A group of electronic and print media of Islamabad and Rawalpindi region has

witnessed research activities of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) Rawal

Watershed Field Station at Sitrameel and Crop Disease Research Institute (CDRI) Murree during

their exposure visit to these research establishments.

The aim of the exposure visit was to acquaint the media about agri-research and development

activities being carried out at these research components and lab to disseminate further these

Randamp;D activities, new innovations/technologies and information among stakeholders particularly

farming community through media for awareness and adoption to increase productivity of

agriculture sector in the country because “seeing is believing”.

The visit was conducted under media campaign of “Advocacy and Projection of PARC Randamp;D

activities to the stakeholders and in the Electronic and Print Media”. During visit to PARC

Rawal Watershed Field Station (RWFS) at Satrameel, they witnessed various research and

development activities at the station. Dr. Ghani Akbar, Senior Engineer and Project Incharge of

the Station briefed them that the Station is one of the field sites of PARC that stretched over an

area of 19 hectares (47 acres) of land with 42 acres covered with forest trees and 5 acres covered

with high value agriculture.

Various soil and water conservation practices including biological measures (forest, land cover),

engineering measures (loose rock check dams, rainwater harvesting ponds, gabion netted

structures, groundwater recharge through dug wells, solar and gravity driven high efficiency

irrigation systems), livelihood improvement interventions (fruit plants, off-season vegetables

using tunnel farming, nursery raising, cereal crops) have been demonstrated at this site.

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