ISLAMABAD: The National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) has inaugurated Pakistans

first ever National Data Centre.

The inauguration ceremony held in the capital was attended by State Minister for Information

Technology Ms Anusha Rahman Khan, Chairman PTA Dr. Ismail Shah and various

professionals from the IT industry of Pakistan.

Pakistan is the first ever SAARC country to implement the e-governance model. After

successfully converting over 6,000 files to e-government by the Ministry of Information

Technology, the government last year decided to replicate this model in all ministries/divisions

and attached departments.

“So, in that respect, the main aim behind the newly inaugurated data centre would be to help the

government implement its e-governance agenda. This National Data Centre will comply with the

Tier-3 standards and other than e-governance also assist in e-commerce and e-health”, informed

the minister.

IT Minister Anusha Rahman also stated that the National Data Centre for e-governance is the top

priority of the government.

Speaking at the event, Chairman NTC Viqar Rasheed Khan said that the Data Centre will be

added with the latest IT features and it will be highly technical. “The Data Centre will provide

the facilities to the government bodies with different services in data communication as various

other private service providers are offering to their clients”, he said

National Telecommunication Corporation signed a contract with Inbox Business Technologies

and Huawei earlier this year in March. The entire process of the data centres establishment took

place within a time span of 5 months and it is expected that it will be up and running quite soon

owing to close working ties between the government and the private sector.

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