ISLAMABAD: The 5th Technical Committee Meeting (TCM) of All Pakistan Geoscientists

Association (APGA) was held at the Bahria University, says a press release.

The meeting was called by Adil Naseer (chief executive/founder), chaired by Rear Admiral (r)

Saleem Akhtar (pro-rector/ director general) of Bahria University. There was representation of

18 oil and gas national and multi-national companies. The representatives of the companies

owned the national agenda of APGA to facilitate the youth through industry academia liaison.

Moreover, representatives of oil andamp; gas sector agreed to support APGA technically and

financially in the largest interest of Pakistan. The agenda of the meeting was to organise Annual

Technical Workshop (ATW-2016) on Hydrocarbon Exploration Techniques, which is going to

be held from October 14 to 16 this year. The purpose of this national event is to benefit academia

and aimed to share advance techniques and methodologies implied in the oil andamp; gas industry.

The several exercises to be conducted during the technical sessions will not only largely benefit

the students pursuing careers in the oil andamp; gas industry, but will also assist the trainers in

preparing outlines of future courses covering new innovations and discoveries.

Rear Admiral (r) Saleem Akhtar and Prof. Dr. Tahseenullah Kahn (HoD Eandamp;ES) thanked the

guests for sparing their time to arrange 5th TCM at Bahria University, Islamabad Campus. They

also acknowledged the valuable input provided by the members of Executive and Technical

Committee members of APGA on educational and training matters and hoped that such

professional input from them will help in raising the standards and quality of education through

trainings and conferences and seminars.

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