ISLAMABAD: Intel CEO Brian Krzanich welcomes thousands of developers to the 2016 Intel

Developer Forum in San Francisco, with an opening keynote presentation. His presentation

offered perspective on the unique role Intel will play as the boundaries of computing continue to


The 2016 Intel Developer Forum (IDF) kicked off today in San Francisco with an opening

keynote by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. Krzanich articulated the companys vision for the future

of technology spanning virtual reality, autonomous driving, the industrial Internet, and the

important role developers play in bringing this future to life. On stage, and in an editorial on

Medium, Krzanich explained his vision for merged reality – a new way of experiencing

physical and virtual interactions and environments through a suite of next-generation sensing and

digitizing technologies.

According to Krzanich, “Merged reality delivers virtual world experiences more dynamically

and naturally than ever before – and makes experiences impossible in the real world now


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