Jojoba oil is obtained from the seeds of a plant Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba). It is about 50 %

of seed by weight. In unrefined condition, it shows golden color with nutty smell but in refined

condition, it is colorless and odorless. It is a stable oil due to its components triglycerides when

compared with other vegetable oils. It is a part of many cosmetic products that are known as

made up from natural ingredients. For example some products containing jojoba oil are

moisturizers and conditioners.

It is obvious that:

• It acts as moisturizer as it does not evaporate.

• This oil has similarities to that oil produced by human skin known as sebum.

• It can be stored for a long period of time

• It is produced without the use of pesticides.

• It is hardly traded in pure form.

Why jojoba oil?

Resemblance to sebum: Its properties are of similar to human sebum makes it unique when

compared to other seed oils. Because sebum is also a mixture of wax mono esters that is also a

major part of jojoba oil. Sometimes it is used as a substitute of sebum.

Safe to use: It is non-toxic and non-allergenic as it doesnt fill pores of skin and dont cause

allergic reactions. It is non-irritant so it can be used on the skin without any fear of damaging the

skin. It also not cause oily feeling when applied to skin as compared to other oils.

High content of minerals and vitamins: It contains natural minerals and vitamins. Especially

Vitamin E is present, which is responsible for hale and hearty skin.

Antibacterial nature: It is antibacterial as it prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus namely

Staphlylococcus aureus and Candida albicans respectively. It also acts as a fungicide.

Benefits for Hair: Now a days it is a common trend of styling hair through the use of electrical

appliances. Different colors are also used to color the hair. In spite of all it is commonly used in

shampoos, hair moisturizers and conditioners damage the hair very badly. Due to the use of all

these chemical products hair loss problems are occurring even in younger generation and even a

simple brushing causes hair breakage. So to get rid of all these problems, natural oil should be

used to strengthen our hair and to prevent baldness. Jojoba oil is the best organic oil that can be

safely used in hair mostly used with damaged hair like dandruff etc. It can be used in all types of

hair. It is non-fatty in nature so it can be used without any embarrassment.

Act as hair conditioner: It acts as hair oil. It also acts as a hair conditioner. It is used to improve

the texture and appearance of hair. It is used as an organic hair conditioner that makes the hair

soft. It protects the hair against damage also protects from becoming weak.

Acts as hair shiner: This oil provides shine when applied to hair. It is useful for dry hair. Use of

few drops of oil may recover the original condition of hair. If hair is damaged due to use of

chemicals and harsh environment then it is the best solution for that type of hair.

Jojoba oil for hair growth: If there is blocked growth of hair then its use provides a lot of

smoothing effect and acts as a natural oil to increase the growth of hair. It can also be used to

massage the hair and also can be used by mixing with other oils like coconut oil etc.

Benefits for Skin: It has a lot of skin benefits mostly used as moisturizer for dry skin during

winter. It is also used in various beauty products like lotions. It provides glowing skin. It stops

the formation of wrinkles.

Moisturizer: It can be used as a moisturizer from head to toe. It is also used as face moisturizer.

It can also be used as lip balm.

Face cleanser: During day time, a lot of dust accumulates on our facial skin. In that situation

this oil can be used as face cleanser which removes all dust particles and makes our skin soft. All

types of makeup can also be removed by the use of this oil.

Acne Oil: It has anti-microbial properties. Its protein contents prevent bacterial growth which

are responsible for pimples and blackheads. It acts as a natural tonic for acne.

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