LAHORE: A British company has demanded 5,000 trained people from TEVTA in the hospitality and sales sector to provide them job in the United Kingdom.

TEVTA would provide services of 5,000 youth to a British company after giving them the required training. TEVTA is paying full attention to train the unemployed youth of Punjab especially in remote areas in order to give them prominent place in the society and ensuring their participation in the national development.

“Foreign technical assistance would help TEVTA promote technical education and vocational training (TVET) system, as the future of Pakistan is totally connected with it,” TEVTA Chairman Irfan Qaiser Sheikh stated while addressing a delegation of People 1st Company of British Council, headed by Jane Rexworthy.

British Business Centres Waqarullah and British Business Centre Senior Sector Advisor Sheikh Hammad Amjad were also present on the occasion.

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