NEW YORK CITY: Bronx Community College, affiliated with City University New York held

a seminar in association with Dunya News over global warning and its effects.

Physics and Engineering Department of the community college organised the event which was

attended by a number of Pakistani students and professors.

Professor Hamid Khan shed light on aftermath of destruction caused by different weapons used

in different wars in several parts of the world in the past decades.

According to him, besides tragic loss of lives during these wars, other living beings and

environment suffered terribly as result of usage of weaponry. He said that global warming was

causing winters to shrink and increase in oceans level by making glaciers melt which concerns

all of us.

Dr Ijaz said that warm water not holds lesser amount of oxygen but heavier amount of carbon

dioxide as well which disturbs sea animals. Another speaker, Professor Dr Charles Mike warned

that there was a possibility of widespread plague if sea animals started to die in large numbers.

Dr Rashid Zaidi said that unfortunately world powers were not considering an issue that should

be thought about and taken seriously.

Dr Shamrez Shamoon from Columbia University called for holding workshops and urging

governments to stop manufacturing chemical and nuclear weapons.

Dr Shamoon appreciated Dunya News efforts for being of help in organizining a session that was

needed. A Pakistani student, Ishrat Naseem said that the real purpose of science and technology

was to better human lives and not to develop ways to destruct one another.

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