Important nutrient in our diet is carbohydrates. They supply energy to our body. Carbohydrates are

composed of three constituents like fiber, starch and sugar. Starch and fiber are complicated

carbohydrates and sugar is in simple form. Through nutrient quality we determine how much of these

are present in food. Our body needs total three customs of carbohydrates to work properly. Glucose

which is used as energy is broken down from sugar and starches. Sugars important role is to provide

energy to energetic your action. Rise of total calories by eating more carbohydrates in custom of

processed, starchy or sugar foods. Main cause is to weight gain. Limiting carbohydrates is the

reason of ketosis and bases to benefit your diet through naturally occurring carbohydrates in

fruits and lactose. Table sugar or sucrose are important centers of sugar in food. Sucrose composed of

one particle glucose and one particle of fructose, chief energy bases in body. Sucrose breaks into

fructose and glucose in small intestine. Liver yields glycogen hundreds of thousand glucose particles

extended attach through chemical process (Glycogenesis). When primary centers are not existing body

breaks down glycogen into only glucose units for energy.

Sugar is evil?

In up-to- date food sugar is poorest substance. Dangerous things for metabolism and enhance total types

of diseases. There are some clarifications to avoid assisting sugar like diseases.

Sugar, nutrients and teeth

Sugar holds calories but no important nutrients. So they are called empty calories. No important fats,

protein, vitamins or mineral in sugar. Person consume 10-20 % calories as a sugar, this is chief problem

and contribute to nutrient shortage. Sugar is evil for teeth, reason it supply digestible energy for evil

bacteria in the mouth. Lots of calories present in sugar, having no important nutrients. It is the reason of

tooth decay to feed the dangerous bacteria in mouth.

Sugar, fructose and liver

In directive to know evil about sugar, you want to know what it is made of. Sugar goes into bloodstream

after digestive tract; it is broken down into two simple sugars such as glucose and fructose. Glucose is

found in each living cell and our body yields it if we do not acquire it from the food. Fructose is diverse.

Our body cannot yield it in large quantity. Fructose is metabolized by liver in some large quantity. If we

consume slight bit this is not difficult. Fructose is switched into glycogen and deposited in liver till we

need it.

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