ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Information Technology Anusha Rehman Khan has said

that the amount of Universal Service Funds (USF) is being spent through a proper mechanism

and the USF board has representation both public and private sectors.

She said Rs 20 billion worth projects are in progress under the USF throughout the country and

these would be further enhanced.

“We have Rs 70 billion under Universal Service Funds (USF) out of which Rs 20 billion are

being used for the extension of telecom services to un-served areas”, she said

To a question, she said that 2 and 3 G service will be introduced in remote areas of Balochistan.

By the end of 2018, the government will provide telecom services to each and every un-served

Moza of the country.

At present the telcos operational in Pakistan are becoming an illustration even for telcos of well

developed countries. They are catching up with some of their preeminent business practices,

positioning Pakistan among the top rank in the international telecommunication sector, said the

Teradata Corporation Chief Technology Officer Stephen Brobst.

The reasons behind the success are that Pakistani telcos are capitalizing and contending with

each other in technology and data analytics. Multinational companies always lead the race by

making the markets inclusive structure well-organized and refined.

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