ISLAMABAD-The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan organized 6th meeting of

all the Accreditation Councils to discuss various accreditation issues pertaining to different

disciplines, universities and their campuses.

While chairing the meeting, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed stressed the need for close coordination and

joint effort to ensure quality of higher education in the country. “The two most important issues

facing the higher education sector are quality and governance in universities. We have to put

joint efforts to address these challenges,” the Chairman underlined.

He also urged the Accreditation Councils to avoid issuing conditional NoCs to universities or

their campuses to launch new programmes, as this practice risks future of students if the

University fails to meet the criteria. He also emphasized conducting joint review of programmes

by HEC and the respective Accreditation Council.

Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed said the world is opting for virtual facilities instead of building physical

laboratories, however the need for tangible facilities in Pakistan cannot be neglected. He said the

universities should be convinced to share facilities within their departments, as setting up

separate laboratories, libraries and other facilities for every department is impossible. “HEC has

spent Rs. 225 billion on building infrastructure in institutions for the last 12 years,” he said. He

urged the Accreditation Councils to address universities complaints about visit charges.

“The Accreditation Councils are professional bodies not meant for policing over universities but

to facilitate them.” Expressing concerns over shifting of medical colleges once again to annual

study system, he directed the PMDC to ensure implementation of semester system as required

internally. Underlining the significance of standardized training of Accreditation Councils, he

said that HEC may hire foreign experts to conduct trainings.

Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC chaired the meeting which was attended by Dr. Arshad Ali,

Executive Director HEC, Mr. Rafique Baloch, Director General Quality Assurance Agency

(QAA), Mr. Nasir Shah, Director QAA, and heads and representatives of all the Accreditation

Councils including Pakistan Engineering Council, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council,

Pakistan Veterinary Council, Pakistan Nursing Council, Pakistan Council for Architecture and

Town Planners, Pharmacy Council of Pakistan, Pakistan Bar Council, Pakistan Council for

Homeopathy, National Council for Tibb, National Agriculture Education Accreditation Council,

National Business Education Accreditation Council, National Computing Education

Accreditation Council, and National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education.

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