STAFF REPORT ISB: University of FATA is expected to start its academic activities from Fall2016 while Gwadar University and Sub-Campus of University of Balochistan at Zhob are expected to start their academic activities by the year 2017.

According to an official source, Higher Education Commission (HEC) has submitted the concept paper of the project of establishment of Gwadar University and subcampus of University of Balochistan at Zhob to the Planning Commission this month for approval.

The projects will be proposed for inclusion in the Public Sector Development Programme (HEC) for Fiscal Year 201617, if allowed by the Planning Commission. The tentative cost of the project of Gwadar University is estimated as Rs. 932.189 million while the tentative cost of the project of subcampus of University of Balochistan is estimated as Rs. 582.585 million

HEC has also issued the administrative approval for establishment of FATA university this month. The PC1 for the establishment of FATA University was approved at a cost of Rs.1592.733 million by Central Development Working Party (CDWP) last year.

Initially in the first Phase, three faculties with about 11 academic programmes have been proposed with population of about 3000 students in next 10 years.

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