Talented Pakistani Samira excels in rescue missions with drones

MONITORING REPORT ISB: Pakistani origin woman, Samira Hayt, is aggressively doing research work to develop a drones network to cater to the needs at mega work places or regions.

“My research explores networks of drones. Drones that perform aerial patrols of vast areas and solve complicated tasks often rely on a large number of individual helicopters, which have to cooperate and communicate. This requires network technologies,” said Samira while talking to media.

Compared to networks located at ground-level, experience has shown that the demands posed by the airspace represent a far more complex challenge.

In order to rescue a casualty buried by an avalanche, the drones must locate the person very quickly, but must also pass the information on to the emergency services rapidly, so that they can act without delay.

The rescue missions performed by drone networks are highly involved, covering many separate sub-sections such as detection and communication

“Electrical engineering has a lot do with using your imagination and less with physical devices. When I compared my decision with other options, it was precisely this challenging abstract aspect that drew me to electrical engineering”, Hayat explains. Ultimately, it proved to be the right decision. Concentrating on the networks of drones allowed her to benefit significantly from “learning by doing” when she first came to Klagenfurt.

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