STAFF REPORT ISB: Despite ban on polythene bags, their use and production continues and goes unchecked in the federal capital.

“The stall holders at Sunday bazars use black polythene bags without any hesitation,” said Shahid Akram a resident of G-9.

“Under Capital Development Authority (CDA)s nose, the stall holders of fruit and vegetable at the same time cheat the buyers by selling sub-standard food items,” a shopper Farzana Ahmed said.”

“The ban on polythene bags is entirely in favour of human health and the sale, purchase and use of polythene plastic bags is completely banned in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT),” an official said.

The polythene bags pose a number of health hazards and are not recommended by the health experts it cannot be disposed off it involves mixing a small quantity of petroleum based compound – or olefin – with the polyethylene resins.

The olefin introduces biodegradation characteristics to the plastic, which are activated when the plastic comes in contact with air.

“From there on, bacteria can decompose the weak molecular structure of the plastic” Dr.ArifMajeed said.

“At present, the regular plastic bags are sold for Rs85-87 per kilogram (kg) while the oxo biodegradable bags cost around Rs92 per kg.”A shopkeeper Raza Ahmed said.

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