STAFF REPORT ISB: Freelancing is progressing in conventional job markets and it is estimated that by 2020, one in three workers worldwide will be freelancing online. It is a brave new world indeed, as many workers are jeopardizing their full-time jobs to shifting towards self-employment.

According to a survey report, the increasing broadband access in Pakistan has accelerated growth of freelance marketplaces.

This online revolution has improved availability, quality and the affordability of workers, especially in Pakistan.

Freelancing, if done professionally, can become a great way to supplement income, earn a living and get paid to perform.

According to experts, freelancing has become a big business and is now expanding at an exponential rate. Pakistan is ranked among top countries that are earning through freelancing.

Human capital in the country has grown significantly over the last decade with almost 16 % of the younger age group having a college degree.

Pakistan is considered as one of the top two outsourcing destinations in terms of growth, value for money and customer feedback.

According to a survey, Philippines experienced 789 % growth in its outsourcing business and Pakistan was second on the list with 328% growth. The labor costs in many countries have risen sharply and in some cases these costs have increased more than the productivity.

The reason behind freelancing is to get cheap yet competitive labor and Pakistans IT sector is carving a niche for itself as an ideal place to go for low-cost but equally competent freelance IT programmers and Mobile APP designers/developers.

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