Collection of shark fishery data stressed

STAFF REPORT ISB: Stakeholders at a recently held three-day workshop emphasised the need for collecting data regarding shark fishery in Pakistan.

The event was organized by WWF-Pakistan in collaboration with Ministry of Climate Change in Islamabad.

The speakers also said that the National Plan of Action (NPOA) provides a viable mechanism for conservation of sharks in the country. They also proposed that three ecologically significant and endangered Chondrichthyian species should be designated as “Iconic Species” which includes sawfishes, whale sharks and mobulids.

Speaking on the occasion, Naeem Ashraf Raja, Director Biodiversity Programme, Climate Change Division, said that there are approximately 500 gillnets vessels and around 800 trawlers associated with fishing. He also said that meat of shark is sold to local vendors who sell it as fried finger fish while its skin is dried and used in poultry feed.

Rab Nawaz, Senior Director, Biodiversity WWF-Pakistan shared that action plan for sharks highlighted the areas of concern that need special and immediate attention from short term to long-term goals.

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