STAFF REPORT LHR: Water is not only essential for human life but also for economic growth and development, panellists at a discussion titled Water for Livelihoods have said.

The discussion was part of the recently concluded five-day workshop on water resources and management at LUMS, arranged in collaboration with Nestlé Pakistan and WWF-Pakistan.

The panel consisted of forman Christian College Universitys (FCCU) Prof Kausar Abdullah Malik, economist Pervaiz Amir, International Water Management Institute (IWMI) researcher Muhammad Aslam and WWF Water Stewardship Project senior manager Ali Hasnain Sayed.

Sayed said that Pakistan should lead from the front for water management as the country had one of the largest canal systems in the world and was blessed with powerful water systems like the River Indus.

Amir said that Pakistan had been a predominantly rural country but people were now moving into the cities and away from agriculture. He said areas with better water availability were economically more stable. He said water conservation was not the responsibility of only the government. Society as a whole needed to work in this regard, he said.

Abubakar Muhammad from the LUMS highlighted the role of water and its impact on the country. He said the development of smart water infrastructures would lead to an efficient water resource management.

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