STAFF REPORT KHI: A new mango variety has been introduced in the experimental mango area of the Sindh Horticulture Research Institute in Mirpurkhas. The local administration there is, however, reluctant to publicize the release for fear of upsetting big growers and landlords in the region.

The new mango variety will be available for almost half a year, which could challenge the monopoly of the landlords and large scale growers, who fear financial loss due to an influx of early fruit on the market. Officials close to the development said that the agriculture scientists and researchers in the area had planted a new variety of mango, which was acquired from Australia, and grafted its plants in the experimental mango area of the institute. They aim to harvest mangoes every February from this variety. It is said that the researchers succeeded in harvesting mango from a few plants in February, but the research results were not officially disclosed. One of the institute officials, on the promise of anonymity, said that it was a big success to acquire mango in the cold season while only some officers and experts were aware about this success and kept it a secret for fear of political pressure.

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