MONITORING REPORT ISB: Abdullah Soomro, a 23-year old entrepreneur from Pakistan, has invented a power bank called Flash Pack, which charges up completely in just 14 minutes from any standard laptop charger.

Just in under quarter of an hour, this charger packs up enough power to last for one and half charge of an iPhone 6S, making your mobile devices truly mobile. Flash Pack is currently under development with a fully functional prototype and will be shipping to early backers by June this year.

Flash Pack addresses a very important issue when it comes to charging devices directly from a wall socket or from power packs – the amount of time consumed.

Flash Packs Patent pending technology overcomes that problem by making charging fast, efficient and convenient for people who rely on heavy smartphone usage and are always on the go.

Abdullah Soomro, the founder of Micropower Labs, graduated from one of the best engineering institutes in Pakistan, GIKI and is also the designer of Pakistans First Gravitational Water vortex turbine.

He has won several awards to date, including the National Young Innovators award from Pakistan Innovation Foundation and National Technical Speaker Award (SoFE) from IMechE Pakistan.

“Flash Pack is small. Its handy and easy to carry around and charges in a flash – just under quarter of an hour,” said Abdullah.

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