STAFF REPORT LHR: Zong and LUMS have entered into a strategic partnership by signing an MoU for the development of a state-of-the-art 4G research lab at the varsity.

The deal would pave the way for Pakistans leading telecom company and the most advanced 4G service provider to give hundreds of students of Pakistans top-ranked business management university LUMS, the opportunities to polish their academic endeavours on latest technological lines.

ZTE would provide technical assistance in this regard.

“ZongCMPak is committed to invest in Pakistan for the long term to support the Pakistani lifestyle reach new heights of development in the technology sector,”said Liu Dianfeng, Chairman and CEO Zong, in his remarks.

Zongs 4G can help Pakistani students in the research field and be a leader in the field of telecom and all educational sectors at an international level.

The company has the best 4G technology, the largest investment in Pakistan and we hope that this technology can help all sectors of Pakistan, education, healthcare, government, banking and the corporate sector.

The establishment of an ever-advanced featured 4G research lab implies that the students of LUMS would be able to acquire the related online material instantaneously with Zongs unbeatable speed.

To a great deal, this would help them make their respective assignments, research papers, thesis and related material more accurate, credible, authentic and research-oriented.

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