STAFF REPORT KHI: Bahria University Karachi Campus has recently organized a two-day workshop on “Pedagogical Innovation”. The workshop was conducted by team of instructors from Valparaiso University.

The Valparaiso University is an institution in United States of America which offers professional training and graduate study, helps students find their own paths to life-long personal and professional growth.

Dr. Saman Hakeem, HOD Prosthodontics andAsst Prof. and Dr. Syed Ahmed Omer, head of department Science of Dental Materials, were designated as participants representing BUMDC in the workshop.

The pedagogical Innovation is “a learning approach focused on the development of innovation competences, defining how knowledge is assimilated, produced and used in a manner that can create innovations” therefore, reinforces intellectual skills, increases level of understanding and interaction of students with their teachers.

Various teaching strategies were discussed by Prof. Dr. Jim Nelson, Prof. Dr. Melissa Desjarlais and Prof. Dr. Polly Wainright, the Academic Advisors at Valparaiso University. These strategies included Engaging Students as Critical Thinkers in Large Classes, Flipping the Classroom and Project Solving through Project-based Lab Courses.

Valuable learning resources such as power point presentations, e- books and articles were shared to facilitate them in becoming proficient educators.

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