STAFF REPORT CHITRAL: Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF) Pakistan has been camera trapping in Terich Valley, which is helping determine the population of snow leopards and other ungulates in the region.

SLF has successfully captured on camera many wild species, including the snow leopard, wolf, ibex, fox, jackal, wild cat and cape hare by using the latest motion sensor camera with night vision. “The most important aspect of the study is the support from Terich Valley community which strengthened conservation efforts and encouraged SLF to safeguard endangered wild species in the area,” says a statement issued by the SLF.

Given the magnitude of the destruction caused by recent floods in Chitral, SLF has decided to collaborate with Snow Leopard Trust to raise funds and provide relief to communities there.

SLF and its partners, including the KP Wildlife Department, signed MoUs with local community organisations at a ceremony to initiate relief work and rebuild facilities, like building plants to provide clean water for domestic use.

“The department has always facilitated conservation and development organisations that are at the forefront to support communities, and conserve wildlife of the region,” said Syed Safdar Ali Shah, chief conservator wildlife, KP.

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