World Merit is a global network of young global citizens. They offer opportunities for people who deserve them and aim to build confidence and skills and have the upcoming generation raise their aspirations to reaching their full potential and tackling global issues together. This year, the World Merit organized an international competition/ international challenge. The theme of the competition was “I am a Mover, Shaker and Change-maker”. Engr. Muhammad Zakir Shaikh; Research Associate and Post-graduate student of MUET, participated in this tough international challenge. The competition was divided in to two phases. The first phase was of voting and the second phase was of the interview.

It is a matter of immense pleasure that he was only one from all the participants who showed his countrys flag in this competition. Thus he proved to be a lead aspirant and a nations pride.

The voting started from May 8th, 2015. Muhammad Zakir Shaikh took part 6 days later on 14th July in the evening. The voting closed on 31st of May. It is worth-mentioning that he got 1557 number of votes. Although he took part in the competition 6 days later, yet, he got 1st position in Pakistan and stood second globally in the number of voting.

The above list shows the top 10 from the Contest of I am a Mover, Shaker and Change-maker.

Everyone showed their capability of mobilising youth around the world and expanding their reach. World Merit has been amazed with the amount of votes they have been able to get and with the incredible amount of great entries.

The top 10 people selected then went through a rigorous interviewing stage in order to find out more about their actions of merit and the social impact they are making.

On June 5th, the World Merit announced the result with the following words:

“Our May challenge has ended and after interviewing the top 10 and hours of debating, we have decided that Muhammad Zakir Shaikh is one of the 2 winners! He will be representing World Merit at the Nexus Global Youth Summit and joining World Merits Annual Gathering WMAGINE in New York and Washington this July! CONGRATULATIONS!”

It is a matter of immense pleasure that both the winners are from Pakistan. One is Muhammad Zakir Shaikh(Research Associate and Post-graduate student of MUET) and another winner is Aqib Malik; student of the Ripah International University.

As a reward of winning the competition, Muhammad Zakir was honoured to get selected to attend the World Merit Annual Gathering and NEXUS GLOBAL YOUTH SUMMIT that was held in July in parts of Washington and New York City including United Nations headquarters where he represented not just Pakistan and its people but also every human who is trying to make this world a better place! In addition to this, Muhammad Zakir Shaikh also delivered presentation/speech in Washington. Its indeed a moment of great happiness and pride for the Mehran University as well as for entire country – Pakistan.

The World Merit Annual Gathering (WMAGINE) was a small conference for young global citizens that took place in July 18-2, 2015 in Washington. WMAGINE focused on global citizenship and included a number of workshops and talks from guest speakers. WMAGINE was organised by the World Merit in partnership with BOMA Investments.

Following WMAGINE, Muhammad Zakir also attended the Nexus Global Youth Summit in the United Nations headquarters, New York City, that took place from July 22-25. The 5th annual event gathered young people from more than 70 countries featuring global conversation about next generation philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

Muhammad Zakir was selected over competitive applications and clearly stood out among the current active members of the World Merit community. He has proven to be an outstanding global citizen and ambassador of the World Merit.

After the victory, while addressing, Muhammad Zakir Shaikh said:

“I am Thankful to all of you for voting and supporting me. It is a cause of exhilarating happiness that I have succeeded in the International Competition of World Merit. To represent Pakistan at an international level, to do something great and noble for my country in particular and for the world in general and to serve the humanity has always been my passion and dream. I hope I will fulfil the expectations that you have from me. I strongly emphasize on what Doug Firebaugh said: “Everyday do something great that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow. Once again I am thankful to all of you for your prayers and support. May ALLAH bestow upon all of you His infinite blessings. Aameen.”

Muhammad Zakir Shaikh also got the honour of delivering the message at United Nations Headquarters through Dear World. Dear World is a project by Robert X. Fogarty and Jonah Evans to share stories of individuals through their bodies by writing on them. The message that was delivered by Muhammad Zakir is, “Dont Look only at the Beauty of a person. Look at his/her kindness and love”. Muhammad Zakir further said that “Although, this message is very small but it conveys an unending and very important meaning. Many people in this world only focus at the outer beauty of things and people. They dont look at the inner of the person which is his/her kindness, love, character and personality.

There are millions of people in this world who may not be beautiful or good looking but to me, they are really beautiful because they have got an infinite love for other humans and are a prominent example of kindness. They are so kind, so caring and loving people. Unfortunately, they dont get that much attention from the rest of the world especially the ones that are poor and disabled, which is indeed very sad. Which is why I say, inner is more important than the Outer.”

Mehranians as well as all Pakistanis are proud of Engr. Muhammad Zakir and wish him best of Luck.

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