STAFF REPORT ISB: UNESCO, UNICEF and the Education Ministry have jointly organized the first national consultation workshop on Sustainable Development Goal for devising a roadmap and effective strategies to ensure quality education and meet the goals set for 2030 at the World Education Summit.

The workshop was drawn upon the Framework for Action (FFA) Education 2030 adopted in November last by the UNESCO member states with the aim to supporting all countries to realize their own vision and ambitions for education.

The event was attended by over 150 participants including government officials, education departments, members of civil society organizations, academia, media, UN agencies and donor community.

In his remarks, Minister of State for Education Baliughur Rehman termed education as future of Pakistan and reiterated his governments firm resolve to do away with deficiencies to have prosperous and democratic Pakistan.

Cris Munduade, Deputy Representative UNICEF, said that the national consultation is an important event for all of us. She said the new SDGs goals state a clear commitment to quality, inclusiveness and lifelong learning with a focus on childhood education.

“The journey of education is exciting and challenging, children cannot wait and the right to education must be seen as a basic human right,” Cris Munduade emphasized. At the concluding session, education experts participated in panel discussion on Quality Education, Inclusive and Equitable Education, and Financing imperatives and shared their views in light of the SDG-4, the 2030 Education Agenda.

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