STAFF REPORT LHR: Systems Limited CEO and Managing Director Asif Peer has urged the government to utilise information technology (IT) as a medium to bring innovation and transparency in the system.

“Given the vast opportunities Pakistan provides and in order to keep up with the pace of the world, it is important to use IT as an enabler to streamline the country’s infrastructure,” said Peer while talking to media.

He revealed that his company hired 120 fresh graduates and young entrepreneurs from various universities in 2015 alone with an aim to generate employment, provide efficient training and instill the culture of entrepreneurship among the youth of the country.

According to him, the company has recently won Rs 300 million contract of the Punjab government to develop a centralised Land Records Management Information System (LRMIS). The system would serve over 12,000 users in the Board of Revenue (BOR) and related stakeholders.

“Systems Limited will deliver a solution that will securely host and deliver a uniformly efficient service to all users in the 150 tehsils across 300 service centres in the province,” Asif Peer said.

Apart from serving the government sector, Systems Limited has also invested heavily in one of its own payment gateway called ‘One Load’, which, according to the CEO, would “revolutionise the entire payment industry.

Established in 1977, Systems Limited over the years has proven itself as a key player in the critical market segments covering United States, Middle East, South East Asia and Europe, and continues to provide solutions and products to a budding list of corporate clients and public sector organisations.

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