STAFF REPORT ISB: The Cabinet Division directed all federal secretaries and PSOs to chief secretaries of all provincial governments to use secure and reliable communication channels (voice/data) to safeguard against breach of security.

The Division released these instructions citing that due to increasing use of ICTs has although led to remarkable progress in modes of communications but has also created serious security threats for the integrity of our communication networks.

Furthermore, severe cyber security incidents are occurring all over the world including Pakistan due to the use of inadequately secure networks. It has become essential for all government organizations/institutions to use secure communication channels, it said.

The federal government has observed that different government organizations / institutions are still availing telecomm services (voice/data) from the private operators without obtaining NOC from National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC), which may lead to serious breach and compromise national interest.

It is not only against the federal government directives but also in contravention to the purpose for which NTC was established. The Cabinet Division has given clear directions to all ministries / divisions / government departments and organizations to obtain telecom services (voice/data) only from NTC.

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