STAFF REPORT ISB: Speakers at a recently held two-day conference on Towards digital economy in Pakistan – building ICT agenda for sustainable development have urged the government to finalize the cyber law soon.

Speaking on the occasion, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman Dr Syed Ismail Shah said, “Purpose of todays event was to create awareness among the society on information technology.” He asked the stakeholder, “Let us work together for development of Pakistan on digital economy.”

He said this is a challenging period for the country as the world is using 5th generation technologies while in Pakistan, the government has just introduced 3G/4G. The cellular companies have to find out of box solution because provision of voice is not enough and the government has to meet emerging demands of the market. In this regard, he said that the PTA will facilitate the operators in provision of conducive regulatory framework.

PTA Chairman Ismail Shah said that due to delayed 3G/4G auction, Pakistan remained behind many countries including Afghanistan with respect to Internet density

“Affordable and reliable access to the Internet, and trust in the Internet to provide a secure cyberspace are two things that are critical to the digital economy.

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