STAFF REPORT KHI: The largest Internet of Things (IoT) exhibition – The Future is Yours was rolled out in a bid to create awareness about IoT, a project of Telenor Pakistan to provide internet facility to all through innovative products and solutions. The event showcased indigenously developed products from various key players of corporate sector, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), academia etc.

The categories of products ranged from industrial, education, automotive, home appliances and many more. Telenor-Pakistan lashed out their upgraded technological solutions for corporate and domestic consumers such as monitor fleet; control home appliances connect offices etc.

A large number of participants from academia, industry, technology aficionados and general public turned out on the event and hailed the technological display.

Deputy CEO Telenor, Irfan Wahab Khan said while commenting on the event, “Telenor has always been at the front row of offering state of the art technology and future generation solutions to our valued customers. Organizing exhibitions around IoT is yet another authentication of Telenor Pakistans customer centric approach and consolidation of an ecosystem to enable cellular internet hike. Going forward these endeavors will just broaden and strengthen and cover wide array aspects that are directed towards enhancement of internet adoption amongst the wider community”.

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