STAFF REPORT ISB: Microsoft Pakistan organized a media briefing aiming at unwrapping their campaign Upgrade Your World that focuses on optimum utilization of Microsoft products to underserved community of Pakistan in order to paddle those communities to mainstream technology consumers for a bigger socio-economic technology driven change. The campaign is run in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and the start station is Bahawalpur.

Senior Technology Strategist, Microsoft, Jibran Ahmad recounted numerous advantages of the campaign and also familiarized the participants with the numerous offerings of Windows 10 that gives a whole new digital experience to consumers due to its customization for domestic and corporate users through enhanced security and data storage and synchronization through cloud thus lumbering down chances of data loss which cant be afforded by anyone in todays competitive world.

Country Manager Microsoft, Nadeem Malik in his brief address said, “Pakistan has a relentless potential in technological domain and Microsoft realizes that tapping those underprivileged resource is mandatory in order to bring a positive change in the technology sector. Microsoft is upfront in giving various opportunities to those students lacking resources to showcase their projects and support them by acknowledging and crediting their endeavors”.

It is pertinent to mention that Microsoft Pakistan has done commendable job in promoting technology education through its various programmes and thus fostering the ICT infrastructure in the country to usher it into a digital age.

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