STAFF REPORT LHR: An exclusive session was held from PITB in Lahore with World Bank officials in Islamabad and government officials in New Delhi, India regarding e-government initiatives for citizen facilitation and services.

Presided by Chairman PITB Dr Umar Saif, the session was conducted by Vandana Bhatnagar, Senior Institutional Development Specialist, Water and Sanitation Program in India. Officials in Delhi were acquainted with the success story of ICT interventions by the Government of Punjab.

Dr Umar Saif delivered an impressive introduction of Punjab Governments e-governance endeavors by PITB.

World Bank Senior Public Sector Management Specialist in Pakistan Zubair Bhatti, Director WASA and Vanadana Bhatnagar on behalf of the delegation in Delhi applauded PITBs efforts under the dynamic leadership of Dr Umar Saif.

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