STAFF REPORT ISB: The telecommunication companies had severe concern over Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) limit of issuance of 5 SIM cards on a single CNIC as Zong had earlier on filed a petition in the court couple of months ago. The Supreme Court has now allowed a maximum of 8 mobile SIMS including three data SIMs and 5 normal SIMs.

It is relevant to mention that 3-years ago, the Supreme Court had directed PTA to reduce the number of SIMs registration against a single CNIC keeping in view the law and order situation at that time.

The court has also ordered Attorney General of Pakistan to hold a meeting with Chairman PTA, Dr Ismail Shah, representatives of telecommunication and law enforcement agencies and devise a strategy on it with mutual understanding in order to avoid the conflicts in future.

The decision is expected to impart a great deal of advantage to telecommunication companies as more and more SIMs could be registered on CNIC which can inflict momentous commercial merits to telcos.

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