E-hospitals should be introduced all over the world especially for rural areas. They should be accompanied with ambulatory laboratories and if possible air ambulances also.

There are millions of people who do not have laboratory or hospital facility in their area and hence they do not seek healthcare leaving their symptoms to develop from minor to major pathology. For under developed/developing and even developed countries its not an easy task to develop hospitals and laboratories in every area however with rising advances in technology in terms of internet and cell phones E-hospitals are the need of hour.

A website of e-hospital needs to be formed. Doctors and specialists should be on panel of e-hospitals along with IT specialists. Any person from any area can register his health complaint to E-hospital via website or mobile application/helpline and medical / surgical specialists can give them an immediate opinion on how to proceed right away. The patient can send his reports or picture of a diseased area along. Ambulatory laboratories can further take samples from the patient and provide results to clinicians. In areas where no Doctor is present, a Doctor can accompany the ambulatory laboratory for clinical examination of the patient.

E-hospitals along with ambulatory laboratories can provide huge assistance, guidance and relief to people who cannot afford visiting a clinician or laboratory for minor or chronic illnesses. E-hospitals can work in collaboration with tertiary care hospitals for referring chronic cases and also acute/emergency cases if they are provided with air ambulance. At times of natural disasters E-hospitals doctors along with air ambulances can provide a huge relief in terms of first aid to the injured.

Details of working of e-hospitals

Aim of E-hospital will be to provide specialist medical services to people sitting at home free of cost.


Doctors from all major specialties should be on panel of e-hospitals. The amount of staff for each department depends on the catchment area that e-hospital is dealing with.

Medium for Communication

A website of e-hospital needs to be formed. People can also communicate via mobile application or helpline.

If e-hospitals are formed that can communicate with people through website or a mobile application free of cost it can be a huge relief for people and it may help restore health and well-being of the nation on big scale.

Cell phones are present in rural areas also hence a mobile application or helpline can be used as source of communication. In sub-urban areas internet cafes and computer shops are present which can help people communicate with e hospitals

Significance and impact of the project

If this project is implemented it can bring relief to a common man to a certain extent regarding their health care expenditure. Morover, it can decrease burden of disease to a certain extent off our society and nation. It can also serve as a source of restoration of health and well-being and decrease our morbidity rates and even mortality to a certain extent.

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