STAFF REPORT ISB: The two-day event focusing on regulatory affairs of telecommunication sector was sorted by United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The primary objective for organizing this course was to exhibit the telecom model of US regulatory to the Pakistans telecom sector whereby enrolling the major dos and donts for the headway and change of present framework.

During the seminar, USA regulatory practices were apprised to the elite of Pakistans telecommunication sector including Dr Ismail Shah, Chairman, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The focal persons of USAID unfolded the Regulatory Principles, FCC structuring, FCCs toolbox self-Regulation, voluntary guidelines, Federal Advisory Committees, enforcement procedures to the participants.

Dr Ismail Shah said while commenting, “The US has advanced leaps ahead through innovative technology in the regulation of telecommunication services and the developing countries like Pakistan are envied to learn from their experiences and information exchange like this is highly beneficial for our technocratic as well administration to adapt latest advancements in order to achieve the maximum outcome”.

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